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I'm developer at MasterCard focused on user experience and user interface design using Java & GXT. Web Developer, JavaScript, UX, Usability, RWD, a11y/ARIA/ADA, Java GWT/GXT, .NET, PHP. I led a patent-pending effort to create a client-side rapid html prototyping tool to demonstrate screen flows. patents US20120204102 Past positions: Business Analysts and Pega Process Architect. I love to learn.​ I'm currently learning JS Touch Events and Icon Font development.​

List links on Responsive Design

I was asked the other day if knew of any peer-review studies on Responsive Design. Here are 5 links that are top referred article and/or Google hits:
Responsive Web Design
by ETHAN MARCOTTE May 25, 2010
The original article on RWD and the most referred article on the subject.
Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It
By Kayla Knight January 12, 2011

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GXT TabPanel ActiveWidget & TabItemConfig

For those of you GXT Devs, selecting tabs are not always easy.
Here is a method to set the active tab using a TabItemConfig.

     * Sets the active widget using TabItemConfig.
     * @param config the TabItemConfig
     * @param container the TabPanel
    public void setActiveWidget(TabPanel tabGroup, TabItemConfig config){
    	int len = tabGroup.getWidgetCount();
    	for ( int i = 0; i < len; i++ ) {
    		Widget panel = tabGroup.getWidget(i);

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JavaScript Arrays and HTML Collections

So for the longest time, I’ve always been told that JavaScript only has one array type:
the Array Object

// Generally, these are all the same
var arrVehicleTypes=new Array();
var arrVehicleTypes=new Array('Economy', 'Compact', 'Luxury', 'Sports', 'Van');

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IsTypeOf Function

The IsTypeOf function is design to allow you to type identify any object.

//  IsTypeOf                                                                             IsTypeOf  //
IsTypeOf=function(obj,_strict) {
  if(obj==null||obj===undefined){return null;}

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